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ContentOro gives you access to the largest volume of unique, professionally written and edited content available today; written by real authors, with real expertise, and covering nearly any subject that is important to your customers. We work closely with you to find just the right content for your needs and get it to your customers quickly.

Content Streaming

Our core service makes high quality content, photos, and illustrations that were not previously in digital format available for use in online marketing. Using a proprietary process, fresh and relevant content written and edited by experts in their field, is pulled from our database and converted into web-­ready components that integrate seamlessly with any website.

Content Streaming is:

Expertly Written: Relevant, authoritative, and trusted content from professional authors.

Cost­-Effective: Leasing is more economical than writing from scratch. Pay only for what you use, for as long as you need it.

SEO­-Friendly: Highly relevant and deep content contains effective keywords used in a natural context rather than being ‘stuffed’ into a page.

Fast: Exceptionally quick turnaround time from start to finish. Allows for spur-­of-­the-­moment additions based on seasons or trends.

Flexible: Content follows CSS to match the pages it inhabits, mirroring the look and feel of the rest of the website like it belongs there. Content can be used in websites, social media, email, and all other digital applications.

Tailored: ContentOro experts hand­pick the most suitable material to match the needs of the client.

Safe: Content is pulled from a secure database via API following the same industry standards as third-party services such as Google Analytics. No data is transferred without a specific request from the client.

Content-Enabled Commerce

The main purpose for incorporating content into a digital marketing strategy is to increase sales. Our technology allows you to automatically link text and images to desired products, connecting content with commerce. Keywords can appear as a link in the text, leading to a product page and an opportunity for the guest to begin a transaction. The guest moves seamlessly from reviewing useful information to purchasing products. This reduces the need to rely on paid advertisements like AdWords to attract purchases and creates an instantaneous desire for the reader to purchase while engaged with the content. Plus, the additional pages offer new advertising space surrounding the content for your products.

SEO Optimization

Our content is naturally SEO­-friendly due to the unique nature of the source. Because we make exclusive agreements with the world’s best publishers, we can offer exclusive rights to the content online. Because the content comes from long­form books, it meets the strictest requirements set by search engines like Google for depth of information. The natural use of keywords in the content results in improved organic search results. All of this means that your website will be seen as an expert source for your industry. Ultimately, using our content gives greater user satisfaction by delivering real and useful information to your customers, which results in a higher likelihood of repeat sales.

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How We Do It

For Publishers

ContentOro provides a new channel for publishers to license content for use online. We partner with the world’s best publishers, creating beautiful new experiences from the content of their expertly written books and making it available for use in content marketing through our unique software.

Open a profitable new channel that allows a whole new audience to engage with the contents of your books through search engines, social media, and email.

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