SEO Strategy Series

history of content marketing | ContentOro

The History of SEO

By Andreas Ramos

Hello, I’m Andreas, and I’ve been doing SEO since its invention. A lot has changed since then, and ContentOro has asked me to share some SEO insight from time to time. I hope you’ll find it useful.

SEO and Social Media | ContentOro

SEO Strategy and Social Media

By Andreas Ramos

This is the second in a series of posts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), focused on how you can use social media to improve SEO.

Technical SEO Blog

Technical SEO: Navigation, Keywords, and URLs

By Andreas Ramos

Let’s cover technical SEO so you can understand what it is. Then I’ll discuss how it has changed and what works now.

SEO Blog, Metadata | ContentOro

Making Sense of Metadata

By Andreas Ramos

Great technical SEO starts with great Metadata, including the TITLE tag, DESCRIPTION tag, and KEYWORDS. Here’s some great tips for getting found on Google.

SEO Tag Optimization | ContentOro

Effectively Tagging your Content for SEO: Images, Links, and Headings

By Andreas Ramos

Let’s cover how to effectively tag your content, images, links, and headings to maximize SEO

SEO Blog > linking, sitemaps, languages

Link-Building, Sitemaps, and Languages

By Andreas Ramos

Let’s focus on how link-building, creating a sitemap, and language translation can impact your SEO and improve your chances of getting found on Google.

Technical SEO Tips

Technical SEO Wrap-up

By Andreas Ramos

We wrap up our discussion on Technical SEO with some last bits of info and tips for enhancing your site’s SEO.

Quality SEO | ContentOro

Quality SEO: Improve the Quality of your Content

By Andreas Ramos

In this blog on SEO, I’ll describe how Google ranks webpages and give you ideas on what you can do to improve your pages.

SEO, 5-Star Quality

Quality Ranking and Other Keys to Quality SEO

By Andreas Ramos

Quality SEO importance is growing. Today, we’ll go in-depth with the Google Quality Ranking Manual so that you can rank higher in Google search.

Quality SEO and Technical SEO

Let’s Compare Technical SEO and Quality SEO

By Andreas Ramos

Learn how to win in Google searches using both technical and quality SEO.

writing quality content for SEO

Tips on Writing Good Content for SEO

By Andreas Ramos

Great content is the key to Quality SEO. This blog shows you how, including info on the Google Knowledge Graph, visual search, and image SEO.

SEO Strategy Tips

Your Quality SEO Strategy, A Summary

By Andreas Ramos

This is a handy recap of Quality SEO strategies, including how to use SEO to help search engines, and the big secret Google doesn’t want you to know.

Andreas Ramos

Andreas is an author and SEO expert that has worked at SGI, SUN, and other leading companies. He has contributed to over 25 startups, cofounded two digital agencies, was a director at Acxiom, and Manager of Global SEO at Cisco. Andreas was also the analytics strategist for Stanford’s MBA school. He currently manages worldwide digital advertising for MIT OpenCourseWare (in 14 languages), and Harvard medical school’s research hospital (in 42 languages).