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This post is a handy recap of all of the Quality SEO strategy tips I’ve given over the past several posts, including how to use SEO to help search engines like Google, and the big secret Google doesn’t want you to know.

Google, Yandex, Baidu, and Bing have moved beyond technical SEO (meta tags, keywords, links). They added intent and quality. They ask “does the page answer the user’s intent for the search query?”

To decide which pages should be at the top for the query, the search engines use human reviewers to evaluate the quality of the content, the expertise of the authors, and the reputation of the site. Google makes profiles of the best pages and looks for other pages that match those profiles.

To get your page to show up in the large search engines, make sure your page answers the user’s query by offering a page that is authoritative and has high quality information. If it is a business site (any form of transaction), make sure your site meets the criteria for commercial sites. You must ensure Quality Raters will see your site as a reputable authority for your market, topic, or interest.

Use SEO to Help the Search Engines

The search engines want to deliver the best search results, so you should help the search engines.

  • Use TECHNICAL SEO. Make sure search engines can index your page so your page shows up as the number one page for topics that you own.
  • Use QUALITY SEO. See what people want and offer answers. Make sure your webpage has EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust).

However, that’s not all. SEO and search is only part of reaching your audience.

The Big Picture: Go Beyond SEO

At Google conferences, Google VPs will say there are three actors in the world of search: the Users, Google, and Websites. Google pays attention only to users. If users are happy, they return to Google. That’s what matters at Google. To put it clearly,

Google doesn’t care about your website.

Your goal should not be to appear in a search engine. If you focus on ranking in search engines, you’re putting your organization’s existence in the hands of search engine companies. They simply don’t care if your organization exists or not. When Google changes its rules, they won’t announce it and they won’t answer the phone, whether your website is for your cat or a $50 billion global corporation. Your traffic can fall 60% in one day, and for many companies, that can put them out of business.

Use search engines to bring visitors to your site, but don’t rely on them. Develop as many paths as possible for your audience to come to you: websites, search engines, apps, digital advertising, social media, video, images, books, and so on. You can use the methods of SEO on all of these: SEO for social media, SEO for Amazon, SEO for apps, and so on.

Good Luck!

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  • Paula Kuri
    1 year ago

    Quality is certainly better than quantity. It’s amazing how something as basic as a meta tag or title tag has an impact on the visibility of a website.

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