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Introduction to Marketing

This handy 9-page guide gives a quick but comprehensive overview of the most important steps in building a marketing program for any type of company.

How to Create Marketing Content

Strategy is one thing, but it needs content to succeed. Learn how to create content for your business that targets each stage of the buying funnel.

Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Get simple step-by-step directions to set up or enhance your content marketing program and begin attracting and engaging with customers [FREE Templates!]

The Customer-Centric
Content Marketing Model

What happens when you flip the traditional hub-and-spoke content marketing model on its head and put the customer at the center? Better results, that’s what

Top 10 SEO
Optimization Strategies

Your website must be optimized for SEO to have your content found. Here are 10 things you can do to maximize the impact your content has on your website.

The History of SEO

In the early days, it was easy to manipulate search engine results to cheat your way to the front page. A lot has changed! Learn to do it right in our guide.

Advertising and the Web:
Lessons from History

How did content marketing come to be such a dominant force online? We take you through its fascinating history to understand exactly how we got here.

Making Sense of Metadata
for Better SEO

How does metadata affect search engine results and page performance? Learn how to use meta descriptions and title tags to market content and improve SEO.

Technical SEO:
Navigation, Keywords and URLs

SEO expert Andreas Ramos shares tips on navigational architecture, keyword research, and URLs to get the best possible search engine rankings

Technical SEO:
Link-Building, Tagging & Sitemaps

When building content, there are things you should do (and not do) for better SEO. Learn all about link-building, tagging, languages and sitemaps

Social Media Strategy
for Better SEO

SEO and social media follow different rules. Learn how to use them together and make a huge difference for your business strategy. Learn more in our guide

Tracking Metrics and Business Goals

When marketing is measured, tactics can be tested to see if they reach goals. You can create a digital marketing platform that actively drives revenue and profits.

SEO and Content Marketing:
Be Findable

Wondering how to master SEO? The important first step is to make sure your content is findable. If search engines can’t find it, your audience can’t, either.

Cracking Influencer Marketing
with the 90/9/1 Rule

Your audience is made up of influencers, critics, and passive listeners. Reach the influencers and they’ll talk about you to the rest of the audience

Technical SEO vs. Quality SEO
& Secrets of Google Raters

Which is better; Technical SEO or Quality SEO? Trick question…they work together! Here’s the info you need to get your pages ranked by Google’s Quality Raters.

Technical SEO & Quality SEO:
Off the Beaten Path

Being found in search requires both Technical SEO and Quality SEO. This article summarizes what you need to know to be successful, plus some new secret tips.

Advertising’s Role in
Content Marketing

Digital advertising can be profitable, if you manage it properly. Learn which type of ad has the highest conversion rate and strategies on how to place them.

Quality SEO: Improve the
Quality of the Content

Search engines today use human raters to evaluate the quality of a webpage. Read all about how Google’s Quality Raters work and what they look for in a website.

Quality Ranking and Other
Keys to Quality SEO

Achieve “Highest Quality” rating in Google with tips from the Google Quality Ranking manual, the same manual Google’s rater’s use to review websites.

SEO in 8 Pages

This short step-by-step guide to SEO will help you find the top keywords that have lots of traffic so your audience can find you on Google.

10 Essential Skills
Every Marketer Needs

Digital marketing moves quickly, what are the skills marketers need in today’s marketplace? Read our downloadable to find out!

The Science of Behavior
How to Get the Response You Want from Customers

The Internet has changed how consumers research products before purchase, but behavior science shows a new way marketers can connect with their audiences.

Create a Content Strategy for Any Business

In the digital age, content creating as a marketing strategy is replacing push marketing. Learn how to create a content strategy for your business.