Here’s to the Future! Founder Bob invites you to share in ContentOro’s success

ContentOro Team Celebrates Success

Dear Friends,

For those who know me, you know I’ve been working for several years to create a company that changes the way brands attract customers on the internet.

Those of us who work in digital marketing constantly hear that Content is King, that Google is continually changing it’s algorithm to find more authoritative content, and that readers are demanding better quality information.

I’ve spent the better part of the past decade learning these realities for myself while leading eCommerce and digital marketing for big retail brands. I’ve paid an astronomical rate for content, and been unhappy that my customers didn’t enjoy it. I needed content for social media, but couldn’t wait to have it written because the conversations move at light speed.

All of this made me think about my time working for Borders Books and Music, where I spent 11 years. Book publishers pride themselves on providing quality in every book they publish. They’ve been doing what Google wants for hundreds of years! It’s a match made in heaven.

This thought;

“Internet advertisers need high-quality content”

combined with this one;

“Book publishers need new sources of revenue”

led to the formation of ContentOro.

Since then, we’ve raised $1.5 million dollars to create a product that installs large quantities of authoritative content, on any topic, on any website, instantly; so that brands operating online can engage their customers more easily.

So far, we’ve exceeded our expectations by bringing content to brands of all sizes with all types of needs. Along the way, we’ve improved our technology to the point where implementation is a breeze. We have a great product!

Now it’s time to do two things to take our Content Marketing solution to the next level:

1. Reach and serve large brands by expanding our sales and marketing efforts

2. Reach and serve companies of all sizes by building a self-serve marketplace

Because we are doing things differently for content, we are excited to partner with Netcapital, an equity crowdfunding platform who also does things differently, to raise a public stock offering.

With the Netcapital platform, anyone is allowed to invest in a great idea like ours for as little as $99. I hope that many of you will share the passion I have for ContentOro and content marketing by investing in us.

Follow the link to the Netcapital ContentOro page for more information on the opportunity, and please share it with anyone you think would be interested.


P.S. Here’s a quick video of a Netcapital feature on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money

Invest in the future of content marketing with ContentOro

Bob Chunn
Bob has been a successful marketing executive for several leading retailers, including Borders Books and Music, leading large teams and complicated marketing systems. He developed expertise launching new products while using the latest in digital marketing techniques, and he’s been a publisher as well. Bob’s greatest skill is creating and communicating vision and rallying great teams to execute it.

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