Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does ContentOro content get on my website?

Content is delivered to your website via a secure API, and will display following any formatting you choose by using your own CSS. It will look and act like a part of your website. 


How does ContentOro content affect SEO?

ContentOro content is seen and treated just like any other “unique” content by search engines like Google.


Is the content I get really attributed to my site?

Absolutely! Google search sees the full content as being on your site and attributes the content to you. This happens because the content gets inserted into your pages before it is served to the viewer, or to Google.


How will the content affect my Google analytics?

Our content is naturally SEO-friendly. It is unique, authoritative, trustworthy, in-depth and expertly written. Because we make exclusive agreements with the world’s best publishers, we can offer exclusive rights to the content online. The content comes from long-form books and meets the strictest requirements set by search engines like Google for depth of information. Overall, it is the best way to improve the organic search results.


Can I use tools like Google Analytics to measure success?

You can use these tools just like you do for your own content. Please note: If you choose to deliver multiple pages of content through one template, make sure to tell search engines that you have pages with parameters. For instance, you can do this in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) so that each individual page is indexed (see image below). If you need help, please call us.

An example of defining parameters for Google in Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

An example of defining parameters for Google in Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

How much does it cost to get new content?

A lot less than you think, and much less than creating it yourself. For one client, we provided just what they required for 1/20th the cost of competing estimates. We will quickly make a quote based on what you need.


Can I make the content fit with my website design?

Yes, the content is minimally styled. There will be words that are bold and italic, superscript etc. But in general the paragraphs, images and headings are tagged as unique class names. This makes it possible for a webmaster to define how these styles – specified as tagnames – will look, which is done with CSS.


How long does it take to set up?

It may take a few days to a week for our curators to gather a suitable content collection for you. This could be content already in our system or in the pipeline to be incorporated into our huge inventory. Once the content is decided, you can incorporate it into your website at your own pace. A 200 page selection rich in images was recently incorporated into a website in a few hours using only 50 lines of code in two HTML files. The template-based nature of the system allows the use of a limited number of pages.


Do I own the content, and can I do anything I like with it?

You won’t own the content, but you will have an exclusive license to the digital content to use for your marketing campaigns and website for just the amount of time that you choose. This exclusivity is essential for SEO purposes.


Can I use the content in social media?

Yes! You can use it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other digital medium you wish.


Can I add ContentOro content to my own content?

Yes! Think of ContentOro content as part of your full content strategy. Freely mix and match our content with your own. You can even re-order the content and combine sections from different collections into a single page.


What happens to my content if I change my web platform?

Because the content is provided via API, this is not a problem. Changing scripting languages is more of a concern. It is nevertheless very painless. API calls can be done using server side scripting languages like VBScript, C#, PHP and Java. A client side scripting using Javascript is pretty universal regardless of the platform.


What about the Google Library Project?

Thanks to Google’s efforts, the library will not cause problems such as “duplicate source” for any book. Our offering is the Publisher’s exclusive offering.

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