Technical SEO vs. Quality SEO & Secrets of Google Raters

Which is better; Technical SEO or Quality SEO? Trick question…they work together! Technical SEO works for concepts and terms that your organization owns, but the majority of internet searches are informational, and that’s where Quality SEO comes in. To get to the top of an informational search (80% of all searches!), you need quality content. You’re not competing against search engines, you’re competing against millions of other very good pages. You have to convince a small team of people at the search engines that your page is one of the best pages for that topic. Who is that team? The Google Quality Raters. The author of this guide knows Google inside and out, and shares the info you need to get your pages ranked. This is the most important topic yet! Learn more in “Technical SEO vs. Quality SEO & Secrets of Google Raters”.