Having deep, authoritative, and relevant content on your website is key to attracting qualified visitors and engaging customers.
Here are some of the benefits of using fresh and relevant content from ContentOro.

Drive Qualified Traffic

Google ranks a site based on the quality and quantity of its content. The higher the rank, the higher the site appears in search. From what we know about content marketing’s holy grail, the Google Quality Rater Guidelines, the best thing you can do to get organic traffic is to put great content on your site. The ContentOro team identifies high-quality content that’s relevant to your customers and delivers it to your site quickly, so you can improve your search ranking and SEO faster than you ever could by writing one piece at a time.

Connect to Enthusiasts

80% of sales comes from 20% of customers. Those 20% are your enthusiasts. They want more than just surface information; they want deep content from an expert. ContentOro has access to millions of pages of informative text and images that have never been seen online through its partnership with world-class publishers. Our experts create kits of ready-made content that can make your site an instant authority. ContentOro can help you build that authority, which will inspire and engage your most valuable customers.

Enrich User Experience

Color images increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% (source). Of course you need great content, but in order to engage your customers with a truly compelling user experience, you also need visual elements like photos, video, and illustrations that complement and correlate to the content. ContentOro provides collections of perfectly paired visual and text content that works together to reinforce your brand. And it’s licensed only to you for as long as you need it. No more hunting for images on Google!

Be Part of the Conversation

Social media and online trends happen fast. By the time you catch wind of one and write something about it, the conversation has likely moved on to something new. ContentOro has fresh and relevant content ready to go so you can react quickly to trends. Providing seasonal content is another great way to attract customers searching for of-the-moment ideas and topics. Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas crafts, Halloween pet costumes, the list is endless. Work with our experts to select your content, and use it for just as long as it’s relevant.