Tuesday Tip: SEO & Content Marketing Roundup

Tuesday Tip SEO | Content Marketing Roundup

Don’t break up with Sales! Here’s your Tuesday Tip, based on the week’s conversation around SEO and Content Marketing:


Work hand in hand with sales for the best results: find ways to inject your content into the sales process. What articles or blog posts might add interest to your sales team’s outreach? In return, gathering common inquiries or expressed interests from sales interactions can guide your content team as they produce new material. (from article 3)


The Week’s Top 3 Articles on SEO and Content Marketing

The Secrets of Content Ideation: Why 4 Out of 5 Articles Fail

Author Sujan Patel expects 4 out of 5 of his articles to fail, and says that the ideation stage is usually the deciding factor. Here are some secrets to coming up with ideas for content your audience wants to see. I love this quotable: “Ensuring that your ideas don’t suck is never a waste of time.” I also love the way CMI posts always have tweetables. #bestpractice

Read more on ContentMarketingInstitute.com


Why A Call To Action Can Decide The Life Or Death Of Your Content Marketing

Congratulations! You’ve attracted someone to your website, now what? Creating a compelling CTA (Call to Action) with the right message and in the right location is an essential part of every page on your website. It’s not an annoyance, it’s a gift to your visitor. Here’s why. And how.

Read more on TGDaily.com


Why Did Marketing & Sales Break Up?

For marketing and sales teams to come together effectively, they have to address two primary issues: the perceived cultural divide between marketing and sales communication and marketing issues related to demonstrating ROI. Here are some powerful ways to get started.

Read more on SkyWord.com


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Candace Chapman

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  • Gaurav Heera
    2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing some great insights in your post!
    The purpose of Content Marketing should be about sharing Information that represents the value that your brand which helps consumers and brings to Consumers in specific target markets, Do Revolve around content marketing as a practice (not merely the act of publishing) that requires orchestrated and strategic processes at its core.

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