Tuesday Tip: SEO & Content Marketing Roundup (March 28, 2017)

Tuesday Tip SEO | Content Marketing Roundup

We sort through the week’s articles so you don’t have to! Here’s your Tuesday Tip, based on the conversation around SEO and Content Marketing:


Appropriately filling your social media profile can greatly enhance your search visibility and online accuracy.


The Week’s Top 3 Articles on SEO and Content Marketing

The State of Content Marketing in 2017: Stats & Figures [Infographic]

Packed full of recent survey results, this infographic is very interesting in that it points out the close similarities between B2B and B2C strategy today. Of note is that both B2C and B2B say that their content strategies are gaining effectiveness, which is good news! Top tactics, statistics, budget info, this may help you gut-check and shape your content strategy in 2017.

Read more on ImpactBnD.com


Google’s Featured Snippets: How to Get Your Content to Appear

Super-practical advice on how to look like THE expert on a topic at the top of Google search. ‘Nuff said.

Read more on ContentMarketingInstitute.com


Content Marketing 101: What? Is The Deal? With Honey Nut Cheerios?

I admit it…the title got me. It stood out among all the look-alike titles, and it was worth the read. Real and simple advice on brand storytelling, including a buzz-worthy (get it? bees!) story that should inspire us all to be about more than just making the next sale.   

Read more on Business2Community.com


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