Tuesday Tip: SEO & Content Marketing Roundup (April 18, 2017)

Tuesday Tip SEO | Content Marketing Roundup

Be inspired today! Here’s your Tuesday Tip, based on the week’s conversation around SEO and Content Marketing:


Investigate a new way to execute one task this week. Technology is moving so fast, you are probably missing something that could make a positive change in your process.


The Week’s Top 3 Articles on SEO and Content Marketing

7 Predictions for the Shape of Content Marketing in 2020

It’s hard to keep up with the pace of change when running an online concern, and it’s even harder to get ahead of it. This is a pretty believable peek into what content marketing could look like in 2020. Take 5 minutes to pull away from today and think about tomorrow. I’m recommending even though the site has the worst ad structure (I’m talking to YOU, Forbes)

Read more on Forbes.com


9 Data Sources to Inspire Your Next Piece of Content

We talk to clients and agency partners every day about how hard it is to come up with fresh and relevant content, and this article has some great jumping-off points for a new piece of custom content. ContentOro users can use our content in the same way. Sign up for the webinar below to learn how.

Read more on Business2Community.com


Cognitive Content Marketing: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future

An eye-opening primer on how AI will increasingly allow marketers to cut down on menial tasks and focus more energy on strategy, or as the author puts it, “AI is intended to augment human knowledge and capabilities, not replace them.” Includes the current state of AI, example technologies, and how to get started.

Read more on ContentMarketingInstitute.com


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