Tuesday Tip: SEO & Content Marketing Roundup (April 11, 2017)

Tuesday Tip SEO | Content Marketing Roundup

Today is a good day for a good day! Here’s your Tuesday Tip, based on the week’s conversation around SEO and Content Marketing:


Instead of obsessing about where you rank for the more competitive terms, focus on creating a strategy that encompasses a variety of powerful long-tail terms.


The Week’s Top 3 Articles on SEO and Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Customer Acquisition: How to Calculate Your CAC, CLV, and ROI

A cynical person might say that having these statistics on hand is just good job security, but I think it’s just plain smart to know how your content is affecting your sales. Full disclosure: I’m not doing this…yet. But with these simple formulas, I’m inspired to start!  

Read more on MarketingProfs.com


How To Create Evergreen Content That Earns Value Indefinitely

The strategy of creating a large reservoir of informative evergreen content that works for you long-term is near and dear to my heart. It just works! Here are some great tips on how to do it. Of course, Jayson doesn’t know how ContentOro can help organizations with this…yet 🙂

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The Problem with Obsessive Rank Tracking

Ryan Shelley thinks it’s time for an intervention…he thinks keyword ranking is important, but goes on to explain how it can distract from more meaningful measurements like traffic and conversions. Includes some great research that backs this up and points to the high value of long-tail keywords, which we know works for our clients.

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