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Xpress Install delivers thousands of pages of targeted marketing content to websites in minutes

April 18, 2017

ContentOro announced the development of an enhanced system to deliver its marketing content solution to websites. Xpress Install represents a giant technological leap for its flagship product Content QSV, which converts book content to digital format and embeds it in the websites of its customers.

Benefits Include:

  • Templated display options reduce development and delivery time while delivering a beautiful user experience that matches the client’s existing design.
  • Ability to embed content via a site’s CMS rather than a “server-side” solution eliminates the need for IT assistance, circumventing the IT project queue and shortening installation timeline dramatically.
  • 150% reduction in API calls and enhanced code shortens page load times.

This new development has driven significant interest in the venture capital community, signaling an acceleration point for ContentOro’s unique product offering.

ContentOro’s customers report excellent results, citing a 3X increase in pageviews and time on site for visitors who engaged with Content QSV.

“I was already getting great results from the high-quality content that ContentOro was providing my website, but the Xpress Install blew my mind,” said one customer, requesting anonymity. “It was fast and easy for me to install myself. Now I’m talking to the ContentOro team about getting more content.”

About Content QSV:

By partnering with the world’s best book publishers, and by utilizing its patented technology, ContentOro supplies web businesses with professionally written and edited text and images that drive web traffic, engage customers, and tie marketing content to products for increased sales. For a demonstration, visit

“By eliminating the need for IT assistance, we’ve effectively cut the installation timeline from 2-3 months to 10 minutes. We can now deliver hundreds or thousands of pages of content to make any website an expert in anything, instantly.” said Bob Chunn, CEO and founder of ContentOro. “We’re driving traffic to our customers websites at 1/10th the cost of Google AdWords, and are proud of our growing relationships with great companies like Cathay Pacific Airlines, Pet Supplies Plus, and Citrix. Our new technology allows us to work much faster, to bring on more companies.”

This launch also marks a significant step toward the ContentOro team’s goal of creating a self-serve marketplace for marketing content. The company previously released Content Unlocked, a plugin series offering free content for WordPress, in 2016.

ContentOro demonstrated Xpress Install at ShopTalk in Las Vegas in March.

ContentOro revolutionizes the way digital marketers and brands acquire content for marketing. We partner with the world’s best publishers to bring the contents of their books to life on the web with our innovative technology. Creating compelling experiences that tie our content to our clients’ product is our mission.

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