PRESS RELEASE | ContentOro Launches Content Unlocked, Free Marketing Content


Content Marketing startup provides free recipes, fitness, and yoga content with “Content Unlocked” tool

ContentOro just launched its first plugins for WordPress, Content Unlocked: Recipes and Content Unlocked: Fitness. The first two of many categories planned in the Content Unlocked series, their Fitness plugin allows WordPress users to display hundreds of exercises, yoga poses, and healthy recipes, complete with color photos and illustrations, on their website, for free. The Recipes plugin includes hundreds of fully illustrated recipes to suit all tastes.

ContentOro’s unique content, which comes from partnerships with the world’s best book publishers, is delivered to websites via API streaming with the proprietary process developed by chief technology officer Yalcin Yanikoglu, who previously designed software for Xerox, IBM, and Adobe. ContentOro has been exclusively serving enterprise-sized clients to this point; Content Unlocked represents the next step toward its goal of providing all businesses with the best information in the world through an easy-to-use marketplace.

Content Unlocked is unique in that it provides free access to content, but is not full of third-party advertising. One simple link to the source material at the bottom of each article serves to direct interested customers to buy the book the content came from. Canonical notation ascribes the content credits to ContentOro, which are transferable to an enterprise customer when the content is leased exclusively.

ContentOro recently received the Small Business Innovator of the Year award and is based in Ann Arbor.

About ContentOro

ContentOro is revolutionizing information on the internet by providing the number one need in digital marketing today – content – in a new and unique way. Proprietary software converts millions of pages of text and images from published books into high-quality pieces of fresh and relevant content that can quickly and easily be added to any website to engage customers and provide SEO benefits. This on-demand access to the world’s largest repository of professionally written content positions ContentOro to change the way digital marketers and brands acquire content for marketing.



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