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Yoga Shelter Extends Their Mind-Body Experience to

ContentOro provides in-depth yoga content to Yoga Shelter to engage customers via web, email, and social media

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“Integrating content from ContentOro was a great experience. They went above and beyond to provide a unique solution for our needs, including the challenges of integrating into a very specific platform.”
– Tzvi Raviv, Yoga Shelter

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The Challenge

The Yoga Shelter team wanted to extend the special mind-body experience they offer in their studios to their website and establish themselves as yoga experts to their customers. Their goal was to give their members more value and drive traffic by providing in-depth information about the practice of yoga and its specific poses, but they lacked the time and resources to create this content from scratch. They also had a very specific web platform that required complex technical assistance to integrate.

The Solution

The ContentOro team worked with their world-class publishers to identify over 165 pages of yoga information and poses, including hundreds of descriptive photographs and illustrations of yoga poses and the muscles involved. The content, which had never before been available online, was added to with ContentOro’s proprietary technology. Technical issues were worked out by ContentOro’s CTO, and the integration was executed in a fraction of the time it would take to create the content and images from scratch.

“I can see the value proposition…to populate a website with great content so fast? Yes, please!” – Tzvi Raviv, Yoga Shelter

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The Results experienced an increase in web traffic of over 10% right away, which is expected to grow as the site gets indexed and more content is added. The Yoga Shelter team uses the new content in their social media and email campaigns to provide value to their subscribers. Manager Tzvi Raviv says he now has the tools he needs to “brag” about the benefits of yoga to his audience. AdWords and Facebook ads are inexpensive and getting good traction thanks to the authoritative content he can now claim. Next on his list for ContentOro is providing educational content on healthy living topics such as nutrition.

“When you have a headache, do you pay for vitamins or aspirin? ContentOro is the aspirin. Fast-acting to address your content headaches NOW!”
– Tzvi Raviv, Yoga Shelter

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About Yoga Shelter
Yoga Shelter was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a welcoming place where yoga is accessible and affordable for everyone. Introductory memberships allow new students to get to know yoga without a large financial obligation. Each class is open to all strength and experience levels, and a variety of affordable class packages are available to suit any need.

About ContentOro
ContentOro provides the number one need in digital marketing today – content – in a new and unique way. Proprietary software converts millions of pages of text and images from published books into high-quality pieces of fresh and relevant content that can quickly and easily be searched, found, and added to any website. This on-demand access to the world’s largest repository of professionally written content positions ContentOro to change the way digital marketers and brands acquire content for marketing.

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