Case Study: Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus Establishes Authority in the Pet Care Space

ContentOro provides breed, pet care, and training content to Pet Supplies Plus that raises KPI results by 30%

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“Before ContentOro, we had very little pet information for cats and dogs. We’ve already added over 1,000 pages of quality dog content, and will be adding cat content very soon.”
– Thadd Tucker, Director of eCommerce, Pet Supplies Plus

PSP Dog Breeds and Training Guide | ContentOro

The Challenge

Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) had a desire to have more value-added content for their neighbors (ie. customers) to use to educate themselves on a variety of pet content, beyond simple product information. Key goals were attracting new neighbors, increasing engagement with existing neighbors, and improving SEO rankings for keywords that are important for their business. Dogs represented more than 50% of their business, yet they had very little content about them. Creating new content on breeds and training from scratch would involve a very high and prohibitive up-front cost.

Scottish Terrier | PSP | ContentOro

The Solution

The ContentOro team identified over 1,000 pages of information on dog breeds and training, complete with hundreds of descriptive photographs and illustrations. The content, which had never before been available online, was added to with ContentOro’s proprietary technology. The training guide has links back to products that seamlessly integrates content with commerce and helps neighbors find the right items to help them train their pet. PSP now has valuable, informative content that neighbors will consume to help them become even better pet parents, which supports their mission of making it easier to find better pet products.

“I really enjoy working with ContentOro. They’re extremely responsive and easy to work with, and go above and beyond to understand our business goals and find content that will benefit our neighbor (consumer) and help us integrate content with commerce.”
– Thadd Tucker, Director of eCommerce, Pet Supplies Plus

PSP Dog Breed Features | ContentOroThe Results

PSP is measuring engagement, and has seen a significant increase in time on site and pages per visit, which are their primary KPI’s. Both of these KPI’s are up more than 30% YoY. PSP is not currently selling online, but when they do they will be able to determine the correlation to sales. Another important metric: new neighbor visits are up double digits YoY. It’s too early to quantify SEO benefits, but they are already seeing their pages start to move up the rankings on desirable keywords.

“I can definitely say that if we were to try and do this internally, we would not have gotten the depth and quality of content. Not by a mile. Ever. And, the integration with their API makes it very easy to add new content quickly.”
– Thadd Tucker, Director of eCommerce, Pet Supplies Plus

About Pet Supplies Plus
Pet Supplies Plus is a fast-growing pet food and supplies retailer that has more than 350 stores in 26 states, with plans to be at around 400 stores by the end of 2016. They sell pet food and supplies, including a large selection of natural foods from brands like Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, and Orijen.

About ContentOro
ContentOro provides the number one need in digital marketing today – content – in a new and unique way. Proprietary software converts millions of pages of text and images from published books into high-quality pieces of fresh and relevant content that can quickly and easily be searched, found, and added to any website to provide information and SEO benefits. This on-demand access to the world’s largest repository of professionally written content positions ContentOro to change the way digital marketers and brands acquire content for marketing.

“The quality of the content, both copy and images, are very good and are a great value. I recommend ContentOro to anyone searching for outstanding content to support their online business.”
– Thadd Tucker, Director of eCommerce, Pet Supplies Plus

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